Resources for Faculty

Instructor Resources DVD

The PET curriculum includes a DVD that contains a comprehensive set of electronic resources for the PET instructor.  The Instructor Resources DVD includes a comprehensive text-and-video package that explains and illustrates the pedagogy behind PET; the videos needed for all the PET activities that utilize video; the files needed for software that interface with motion sensors or temperature probes, which are used in a number of in-class experiments; sample test questions for each chapter; the lists of equipment required for each chapter; handouts and other documents needed for the course; and installers for the physics simulators used in PET. 

The Instructor Resources DVD is meant to be used in concert with the on-line PET Teacher Guide, described below, which provides guidance for the actual implementation of each activity, along with activity and homework keys and other resources not available on the DVD.


Teacher Guide

PET provides a comprehensive web-based teacher guide (left below). It is password-protected so that only instructors have access to the site, which includes answer keys for each activity, homework and test.  The Teacher Guide also provides general information about the course goals and pedagogy (right below).

The Teacher Guide provides detailed information to help instructors implement each content activity in the curriculum (left below), as well as the Learning about Learning (LAL) activities and homework (right below) .

Finally, the teacher guide includes video snippets illustrating various phases of the pedagogy, including group work with the computer simulators (top left below), small group discussions (top right), and whole class discussions (bottom left).


Introductory Workshops

Periodically, we offer short, half-day workshops at national meetings of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) meetings.  To find out if there will be a PSET workshop at the next meeting of the AAPT: 

  1. Go to the AAPT web site

  2. Click on the Conferences tab and select Upcoming Meetings. (Alternately, you may select the name of the next meeting, e.g., "2010 Winter Meeting".  If this option is available, skip #3.)

  3. Under "Upcoming Meetings", select the conference that you may or will attend. 

  4. On the home page for the meeting, click on Program

  5. Under the Program header, click on Workshop Availability.

  6. Scroll down or use your browser's search function to find out if a PET workshop (or a workshop that includes PET along with the related curricula PSET and/or LEPS) is being offered. 

The entry for the workshop contains a link that will give you a brief overview of the workshop. These workshops have only a limited number of spots available, and the worskhop entry will tell you how many spots remain.