Sample Activities

Chapter 2 Activity 1: This ‘developing ideas’ activity addresses the commonly held idea that when an object is given a push, force is transferred to it and continues to act on it after the push ends. You can also see the simulator setup used in this activity to examine the net force acting on an object both during and between pushes.

Chapter 2 Activity 8: This is the ‘applying ideas’ activity for Chapter 2. In it, students practice constructing and evaluating force-based explanations, and then examine and explain a new situation.

Chapter 3 Activity 4: In this activity, students try to resolve the apparent paradox of different mass objects falling at the same rate. See the pedagogy section for more discussion of this activity.

Chapter 5 Activity 2 Homework: Students work with a simulator outside of class to develop some ideas, such as the properties of series and parallel circuits encountered in this homework assignment.