InterActions in Physical Science

InterActions is a yearlong physical science course for seventh or eighth grade middle school students.

InterActions uses a combination of guided inquiry and direct instruction. In the guided inquiry activities students perform experiments, and they are guided in constructing many physical science concepts based on evidence from the experiments. Additional physical science concepts are taught by direct instruction. The InterActions program is complemented by powerful and innovative computer software.

The InterActions staff has developed two versions of the InterActions course. InterActions First Edition is used by many schools in Florida, and is also being used in Denver, Colorado and other locations. InterActions Second Edition and California Edition is designed for use by schools in California and throughout the country. The web sites for the two editions contain information about each edition, along with extensive on-line resources for students and teachers.

InterActions in Physical Science is supported by National Science Foundation grants ESI-9812299 and ESI-0138900, and by San Diego State University and Western Michigan University. Software has been developed in collaboration with Physicon, Ltd., a member of OpenTeach Group Software.